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The aim of this project is to discover a real-world problem and to solve

it through design. The project gives the designer a chance to take on multiple roles within a single project. It starts with conducting extensive research and then finally delivering a robust solution that is both conceptually and visually proficient.


The problem I chose is that most Chinese teenage exchange students cannot get along with their American host families when they are in an American homestay program.




Abroadly is a brand that design to help minor Chinese exchange students and American host families get well connected. I created a website for Abroadly with a two-way choice system. The website will help both students and host families to know each other to make a better choice. After students move into their host families, Abroadly contributes to solving potential problems with chat groups through APP. I use blue and lemon yellow as primary colors. Green and dark yellow are secondary colors. The warm and calm tones are used to evoke a sense of harmony. Source sans pro is the selected typeface to represent the Abroadly voice for its functional friendly and soothing look. The photos show a harmonious lifestyle that students experience when they live with an American host family.




Spring 2016



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